Cancer disappears with just two things!

 Cancer disappears with just two things!

Osh State Medical University, Moscow, Russia cancer specialist. Guptaprasad Reddy (BV) says that cancer is not a deadly disease, but people die from it only because of indifference.

According to him, cancer can disappear if only two methods are followed. The ways are: –

Take Care

1. First, stop eating all kinds of sugar. Because, if you don’t get sugar in your body, the cancer cells will be destroyed naturally or naturally.

2. Then mix a lemon chip in a glass of hot water. Drink this lemon mixed hot water on an empty stomach before meals in the morning for three consecutive months. Cancer will disappear.

A study from the Maryland College of Medicine found that it is a thousand times better than chemotherapy.

3. Eat three teaspoons of organic coconut oil every morning and night, it will cure cancer.

Take any one of the following two therapies after avoiding sugar. Cancer can’t hurt you. However, there is no excuse for negligence or indifference.

Note that to make people aware of cancer. Guptaprasad has been disseminating this information through various means including social media for the last five years.

He also requested everyone to share this information to give everyone a chance to know.

“I did my job,” he said. Now you can do your job by sharing and protect the people around you from cancer. ” Source: Reddit

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