Final Examination(New) of Medical Assistant Training Course, December- 2017

The State Medical Faculty of Bangladesh

Final Examination(New) of Medical Assistant Training Course, December- 2017

Full Marks 100                                                                     Time-3 Hours  

Subject: Basic Pharmacology  (Paper-II)

All Questions carry equal marks. 

N.B Answer each group in a separate script. 


Set A

A)    Give are the routes of drug administration? Give the merit and demerits of I.V route &  drug administration.  

B)    Write the indication, Contraindication and adverse effects of quinine.  

C)    Name some loop diuretics. Give an indication. Contraindication and adverse effects of frusemide.  

D)    Name some first-line antitubercular drugs. Write Down the indication Contraindication and adverse effect & rifampicin  


Set B

A)    Mention the indication of contraindication and adverse effects of oral iron therapy.  

B)    Define and classify Oral Contraceptive pills. Mention the criteria of

an ideal some antiasthmatic Steroids.  

C)    Give an indication. Contraindication and adverse effects of salbutamol. Name some antiasthmatic steroids.  

D)    What are the factors that modifying drugs’ action?  


Set C

A)    Define analgesics? Write down the types and properties and analgesics? 

B)    What is the Vaccine? Write down the types of vaccines with examples? 

C)    What is antifungal drugs? Name classification of antifungal drugs?  

D)    Define abuse, addiction, and dependence of drugs for example? 



Set D 

A)    Write Short Note On: 

         I.               Superinfection 

        II.               Vitamin 


B)    Define pharmacology. Name the  Branches of Pharmacology.  

C)    Define and classify anthelmintic Drugs with an Example.  

D)    What is Shock? Classify it. Name the Drugs that are used in the treatment of Shock.  



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