Homeopathic Medicine Causticum

I call Homeopathic Medicine Causticum.Take Care

👼 My birth: To be a mixture of burnt stone and bisphosphate off-potash.

 I have many more names: Potassium Hydrate, Tincture Acne Sine Ink, Resin Ink.

Proving: Proving me was Christian Frederick Samuel Hahnemann.

Mayajam: I have sora (++) and psychosis (+++) my jam.
Diseases I apply: Paralysis, Pediatrics, Constipation, Hemorrhoids, Cough, Sore Throat, Eye Diseases, Ear and Mouth Diseases, Dental Diseases, Rheumatism, Epilepsy, Acne, Conjunctivitis, Urinary Tract Diseases.
   👩‍💼 Today I will tell you my life story so that you can easily recognize and use me …
I suffered from malnutrition as a child.
Due to which it takes time for my physical growth and I learn to walk late. [Slow learning to walk] (Cal. Phos).
Stuttering was a problem when talking. [Stammering]
I was more afraid of the dark in the evening so I would not go to bed alone [Fear: Alone, Dark, Ghost]
I urinate in bed during sleep (especially on the first night). However, bed urination is more in winter and summer is actually less ***.
Rest Kicking – During Sleep] [Restles limbs; Kicking – During Sleep]
Surprised by the slightest sound for which I sometimes wake up in my sleep.
 I just cry day and night, I am always in a state of fear and anxiety and all the unrealistic thoughts revolve in my mind. This is why I spend most of my time with my pet cat. But one day the cat was crushed under the car in front of me and died in a lot of bleeding.
I am scared to see that blood.
I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that, but I’m sure I’m going to be able to do that, and I’m going to be able to do that, and I’m going to be able to do that, and I’m going to be able to do that, and I’m going to be able to do that.
❎ But I don’t eat sweets because I don’t like sweets. [Aversion: Sweets]
♥  I love salty and high salt foods. So Dad asked the waiter to bring some salty food. [Desire: Chilli, Salt]
Even when I was hungry, I lost my appetite by seeing and smelling food.
💥 It was as if there was always a feeling of hair in the abdomen.
💥 Feeling thirsty again but not wanting to drink water, however, I ate salty meat with great difficulty
I feel generous after eating meat. 😖
That afternoon and night there was diarrhoea. Anxiety, palpitations, and burning sensation in the anus, itching starts after diarrhoea, which causes me a lot of pain.
When I was a little older then I started going to school regularly, when I sat down to write in school I would sweat so much that my notebook would get wet but at the same time my.
💥 Memory is very weak because I am always inattentive.
I sit quietly at school …
💥 I can’t hope for anything, I’m hopeless, frustrated, anxious, depressed, and always suffering from mental anxiety.
  When I reach puberty, suddenly one day my …
Abdominal pain, back pain, and the pain were relieved by leaning forward. Then I saw some symptoms and realized I had a period. Because I already knew about the period from my mother. But there is a problem:
Periods are ** longer during the day but close at night.
💥 But leukorrhea grows at night.
I am very weak during that period.
 After the first season when I start puberty I get epilepsy due to feeling very cold.
 Gradually school life comes to an end I wanted to sing at the farewell party because I love music a lot but suddenly I got sick the day before because I got cold because …
I can’t stand that cold.
(Sore throat as soon as it gets cold)
💥 Tingling in the cold throat, tingling and burning with pain.
💥 Many times after coughing, a little bit of guar only *** rises at night (also swallowed) but many times involuntary [involuntary] urination *** and faeces were coming out. I noticed that my cough is relieved by drinking cold water ***
In the evening and in the heat of the bed, the cough was increasing.
The cough was accompanied by a tingling sensation in the throat and a sharp pain in swallowing something.
The next morning *** I see my sore throat has increased, my throat is dry and my voice is hoarse. [Hoarseness]
I drank a glass of cold water and called all my girlfriends and told them that I could not go to the ceremony today because of illness.
The feeling of being rude gradually decreases. But I couldn’t shout or speak loudly, my voice was so loud …
How much fun all the friends had together after getting up to varsity but I was always quiet and sad. Everyone would go to new places but I would not go
 Because …
I get scared when I see strangers …
Don’t want to be in an unknown place !!
 👸 I got married but my husband’s intercourse was very painful.
I will share with you today one of my embarrassing incidents: My husband band me after marriage
– It takes me to wander in the open air. In order to make my mind feel better, when the two of them wander around, I once fainted in the street. I used to urinate in a state of unconsciousness.
After so much suffering, a baby came into my womb. When the child saw the light of the world, he also had the same problem as me, it was not growing fast
I would get tired of working all day in that busy world and the milk would almost disappear as a result of handling the baby and waking up at night, I would not be able to breastfeed the baby properly.
The nipple would rupture in her wound again.
However, as I get older, various diseases surround me.
Tiny and pointed moles appear on different parts of the body such as on the tip of the nose, on the fingers, and on the edges of the nails. (warts – Small. Flat; Horney) Again, I can’t lift my eyes as if it’s on the eyelids, the eyes are heavy.
Wounds have appeared in different places in the corners of the eyes, in the nostrils, in the gums,
💥 Marie has got scurvy which causes bleeding from the gums.
👩‍🦲 Once there was a rash on the side of my head and face, it spread all over his head like a chakra. It was as if I used an ointment and it healed. But since then I have been suffering from various diseases.
My eyes are black, body shape is light and thin but-
The tenderness of the face is no longer there for him to manage the family and the unknown anxieties used to make me restless. Like a stale flower arranged in a vase …
 As I get older. Hands and feet begin to catch the nail.
 💥The hand pulls the leg muscles for which I cannot straighten.
💥 The limbs become disjointed for which we grab a thing and throw it away. I set foot in one place and stepped in another.
I can’t walk properly. Even when moving, dripping urine comes out. (Paralysis of the neck of the bladder)
Sneezing with cough
 Stools and urine are excreted, along with old arthritis Even smiling and urinating …
[Urination Involuntary-Laughing Agg.]
The affected area has become very hard and useless. It seems that the muscles are obstructed together. The neck, waist, arms, and legs are stiff and tingling. Pain in rheumatic areas. (Relieve heat)
Once I had a fever, a large blister appeared on the surface of my chest. After a few days, I checked and saw that I had typhoid …
Now I’m too old …
 Stool only when Standing Stool only when Standing
 There is a whistling sound inside the ear, I hear the echo of my own words …
 It is still painful to burn in a fire long ago …
 The boy returned home late at night-
 I can’t sleep until he comes… I keep walking on the verandah… I don’t know what happens … Nowadays the time is not good.
After all this, all my symptoms are reduced in wet and humid weather ***
I have written that article in big letters. Thank you so much for coming after so much trouble. To find out more about me with a little more trouble-
 My main action on the neck and skin
I express more actions on the right side of the body
You can use me if I have paralysis on one side (especially on the right side) for any reason for my illness, skin disease, anxiety, cold, rheumatism, typhoid for any reason. I have local or partial paralysis [seventh cranial nerve], I am effective in paralysis of the head, legs, neck muscles, etc.
My growth: in dry cold air, bath in cold water, clear weather during the day, in any kind of extremely hot weather, in the evening, in coffee, after meals, after arson, during work
 ️ ️ My relief: in the wet cold of the rainy season, in the cold water on a hot day, in the warm air, in the afternoon, in the gentle conduct.
❎ My aphrodisiacs: Asafoetida, Dulcamara, Guaiacum, Nux Vom.
My supplement: Carbo Veg, Colocynthis.
 Use after me: Kali iod, Lycopodium, Nux, Pulsatilla, Rhus Tox.
Take Care

হোমিওপ্যাথিক মেডিসিন কষ্টিকাম(Causticum)

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