Preliminary Examination of Medical Assistant Training Course, June-2014


The State Medical Faculty of Bangladesh

Preliminary Examination of Medical Assistant Training Course, June-2014

Full Marks-100                                                                          Time-3 Hours

Subject: Basic Pharmacology (Paper-II)

All Questions carry equal marks.

N.B Answer each group in Separate script.

Set -A

A   A) Define Therapeyties And Pharmacopeia. Name Branches of                     Pharmacology.

 B)  What is Drug? What is the Source of Drug? Name the Different routes of drug administration.

C   C) Name Same common NSAIDs. Give Indications and     Contraindications of Diclofenac Sodium.

D   D) Classify antibiotic. With Example.


Set- B

A     A)  Classify analgesic with Example. Write Down the Differences Between Narcotic and Non-Narcotic analgesic.

B    B)  Define and classify anti-hypertensive drugs.

       C)Write what you know about anti TB regimen.

D    D) Mention Types of contraceptives. Example Oral Contraceptives Including indication and Contraindication.

Set- C

A     A) Define And classify Vitamin. Mention the Indication of vit-C. What its Effects Due to over Doses?

B     B)  Define and Classify Haematinics. Give indication, Contraindications, and Side effects of folic acid.

C     C) Classify Bronchodilators With Example.

D     D) Name some Non Systemic antacids. What are the criteria of an ideal antacid?

Set- D

A      A)  ORS, OCR

B      B) Therapeutic index

C      C) Hypersensitivity

D      D) Hepatic First pass Metabolism



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