Preliminary Examination of Medical Assistant Training Course, June-2015

The State Medical Faculty of Bangladesh

Preliminary Examination of Medical Assistant Training Course, June-2015

Full Marks-100                                                              Time-3 Hours

Subject: Basic Pharmacology (Paper-II)

All Questions carry equal marks.

N.B Answer each group in Separate script.


A      A) what are pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics? Classify different sources of drugs.

       B) Classify antibiotics? Write down the indication and adverse effects of ciprofloxacin?

C    C) Define and classify vitamins. Mention the indications and deficiency state of vit C?

D    D) Mention the indications and contraindications of oral contraceptive pills (OCP)?


      A) Define pharmacology. Name and discuss the branches of pharmacology.

B   B) What do you mean by NSAIDs? Write down the indications and adverse effects of diclofenac sodium.

C   C) Write down the advantages and disadvantages of an intramuscular route.

D   D) Write down the indications, contraindications, and adverse effects of cotrimoxazole?




A    A) Write down the indication, contraindication, and adverse effects of salbutamol.

B   B) Define antacid? What are the criteria of an ideal antacid?

C   C) Define and classify anti-helminthic drugs with examples?

D   D) Write down the differences between Narcotic and Non-narcotic analgesics? Mention the pharmacological Effect of aspirin?


      A) Write any three Short Note on:

                                           I.            ORS

                                         II.            IUCD

                                      III.            Bio-availability

                                     IV.            First, pass Metabolism

B    B) What is an OTC drug? What is the Important of OTC drugs?

C    C) What is Haematinies?

D    D) Write down the indications and Contraindications of Amlodipine.


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