Preliminary Examination of Medical Assistant Training Course, June- 2016


The State Medical Faculty of Bangladesh

Preliminary Examination of Medical Assistant Training Course,

June- 2016

Full Marks 100                                                                     Time-3 Hours  

Subject: Basic Pharmacology  (Paper-II)

All Questions carry equal marks. 

N.B Answer each the group in a separate script. 


a) Define pharmacology. Name the branches of pharmacology.

b) What is NSAIDs? Write down the indication, contraindication and adverse effects of diclofenac. c) Define and classify diuretics .name some loop diuretics.

d) Define and classify antihistamines.


A) Classify anthelminthic. Mention the indication and contraindication of mebendazole.

b) Define contraceptives .write down the adverse effects of OCP mention the methods of contraception.

c) Give pharmacological action of morphine on CNS

d) What is corticosteroids? Classify it give the side effects of dexamethasone.



a) Mention the different routes of drug administration. Give the advantage of me /V route

b) What is a drug? Give different sources of the drug. Different between medicine and drug.

c) Define and classify antibiotics .give the indications and contraindications of flucloxacillin

d) Define antacid. Give the criteria of an ideal antacid


a) Classify tetracycline. Give the contraindication of tetracycline

b) Classify antitubercular drugs. Give the drug regimen of ant tubercular drugs

c) Write the difference between narcotic and non-narcotic analgesics.

d) Write short notes on

                            i.            Hartman’s solution

                          ii.            Normal saline

                       iii.            Cholera saline

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