Trembling in sleep?

Trembling in sleep?

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In your sleep, you suddenly feel like you are falling asleep. As he regained his sleep, he realized that his whole body was shaking violently. Maybe dreaming. Shaken, he came back from the world of dreams to reality. Sleep disturbances for a few seconds, sleep back to the side again.
Has this ever happened before? Even if you don’t, there are many people who tremble in their sleep. Not once or twice a day. Some people remember when they wake up, some people forget what happened in their sleep at night. Ever wondered why such strange things happen in your sleep?
Scientists call this jerk or ‘jerk’, ‘hypnotic jerk’. One-on-one experiences with this hypnotic jerk are somehow different. However, in all cases, there is a common denominator. I think I’m falling.
Scientists believe that this hypnotic jerk may have some external cause. Caffeine and tobacco addiction increase such cramps, they say. So the researchers advise not to drink caffeinated beverages within a few hours of going to bed. They further claim that this is also the case with the side effects of adrenaline and Ritalin.
This hypnotic jerk usually occurs during sleep. Leaving the body in fatigue again, when the brain begins to fall asleep quickly, can not understand exactly, thinks that the body is falling, it can still feel like that. However, scientists claim that the second field is rare.
Their explanation is that when certain chemicals explode or levels rise, the body shakes. The brain, not realizing it, tries to wake up quickly by interpreting it as it does. This jolt is a hypnotic jerk.
The same thing happens to 70-80 percent of the world’s people, even if it doesn’t happen to everyone. The common denominator in all cases is that everyone feels as if they are falling. Something in a dream is the name of waking up by shaking the body for fear of falling from a hill or a high step of the stairs. (Hypnic jerk). This shaking also has different names. Such as Sleep Start, Myoclonic Jerk, Hypnagogic Jerk, etc.

Causes of hypnotic jerk:

1. Excessive consumption of caffeine or tea-coffee.
2. Excessive physical exercise.
3. If you do any stressful work at night.
4. Watching TV at night or browsing mobile or internet causes shaking in the body due to constant change of nerves. In the language of science, it is called narcolepsy.
5. Irregular sleep time or waking up at night, over-tiredness, or overwork can also cause hypnotic jerks.
6. As a result of dreaming of falling from a high place or from the top of a hill or even from a staircase, we wake up and fall asleep.
6. Lack of magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca) and iron in the body can also cause spontaneous hypnosis.
6. In addition, even if a loud noise and bright light come to our eyes from outside, we can feel the feeling of falling. Just then the brain tries to wake up the body by moving it.
Ways to get rid of hypnotic jerk: –
Hypnosis is not a disease. If the rules are followed, it is possible to get rid of it again and again. The risk of hypnotic jerks decreases with age. There is no specific diet for a hypnotic jerk. However, if someone has this problem frequently, he must seek the help of a psychiatrist. It is possible to get rid of the hypnotic jerk easily if you can enjoy the busiest time from lifestyle changes, regular light exercise, and stress-free.
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